At year-end 2018, the members of the Board of Directors of NH Hotel Group, S.A. have indicated they are not in any situation of conflict, direct or indirect, that they or persons related to them, as defined in the Act, may have with the interests of the Company.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in 2018 the Company entered into various Related Transactions as a consequence of them having been concluded with significant shareholders or the Directors of the Company. These Related Party Transactions have always been executed in strict compliance with the rules established in the applicable regulations and the Procedure for Conflicts of Interest and Related Party Transactions with Significant Shareholders, Directors and Senior Management of NH Hotel Group, S.A. approved by the Board of Directors on 26 March 2014. By virtue of this Procedure, during 2018 the Board of Directors ensured, through the Audit and Control Committee, that transactions with Directors and significant shareholders or with the respective related persons were carried out under market conditions and in adherence to the principle of equal treatment of shareholders in identical conditions. Likewise, the Director affected by such transaction (i) has abstained from influencing, intervening or voting in the decision-making by any corporate body or committee that had participated in the relevant transaction or decision and that could have affected the persons or entities with which there was a conflict of interest, and (ii) has abstained from accessing confidential information that could have affected said conflict of interest.

During 2018, the Audit and Control Committee had the opportunity to analyse the transactions with related parties described in the Annual Report of the Audit and Control Committee for the 2018, financial year which will be made public on the Company’s website when the General Shareholders’ Meeting is called.