Assets and liabilities the carrying amount of which is recovered through a sale and not from continued use are classified as non-current assets held for sale and liabilities associated with non-current assets held for sale. This condition is considered to be met only when the sale is highly probable and the asset is available for immediate sale in its current state, and it is estimated that the sale will be completed within one year from the date of classification.

Non-current assets and associated liabilities classified as held for sale are valued at their historical cost, which in all cases is less than their fair value less selling expenses. For the measurement of fair value, the investment book value plus the amount of the existing unrealised gains of the assets owned by these companies, supported by valuations carried out by independent experts, have been taken into account.

Discontinued operations represent components of the Group which will be disposed of. These components are activities and cash flows that can be clearly distinguished from the rest of the Group, both operationally and for the purposes of financial reporting, and represent lines of business or geographical areas which can be considered as separate from the rest.