This Report deals in depth with the Company’s Responsible Business Plan 2017-2019, NH ROOM 4. The contents of the Report are defined on the basis of relevant matters for the activity of NH Hotel Group and its main stakeholders, based on the Materiality Analysis which is updated every year. This study takes into account the Company’s strategy and objectives, the Responsible Business Plan, consultations with stakeholders and material issues at industry sector level as defined by the International Tourism Partnership (ITP). The Materiality Analysis can be consulted in the relevant section of this Report.

The Report complements the non-financial information that has already been published as part of the NH Hotel Group Directors’ Report 2018, dated February 26th, 2019, to respond to the legal requirements of Act 11/2018 on Non-Financial Information and Diversity.


This Report contains the thirteenth edition of the Annual Corporate Responsibility Report of NH Hotel Group. It includes the Group’s activity and main results in 2018 and describes its performance in the economic, environmental and social sphere.

The information is presented broken down by Business Units and countries in which the Company operates, with the exception of financial data which refer to the entire Group.

It is important to note that while the scope of the Non-Financial Information Statement 2018 conforms to the consolidation principles of the Company’s financial information, the scope of this Corporate Responsibility Report includes information on all the hotels operated by the Company, i.e. hotels operated under lease, ownership and management.

The difference in criteria between the two documents is due to the fact that the Non-Financial Information Statement is part of the Company’s management information and it was therefore considered appropriate that the scope of the information be consistent with the consolidation principles used in financial reporting. However, the Corporate Responsibility Report presents the management of NH Hotel Group of the impacts, both positive and negative, that the Company generates and therefore its scope has to contemplate the entire operation.


The following global principals and standards have been used in preparing this Report:
• The core option of the Consolidated Set of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards, following the 2016 edition of the guidelines.
• The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

This Report and previous reports are published digitally and are available at