NH Hotel Group, S.A. share capital at 31 December 2019 comprised 392,180,243 fully subscribed and paid up bearer shares with a par value of 2 euros each. All these shares carry identical voting and economic rights and are traded on the Continuous Market of the Spanish Stock Exchanges.

According to the latest notifications received by the Parent Company and the notices given to the National Securities Market Commission before the end of every financial year, the most significant shareholdings at 31 December 2019 and 31 December 2018 were as follows:

(1) MINT is the indirect shareholder through MHG Continental Holding (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

The aforementioned (indirect) shareholding of MINT in NH Hotel Group, S.A. is the result of the IPO made by MHG Continental Holding (Singapore) Pte Ltd. on 11 June 2018 for 100% of the shares that were part of the share capital of NH Hotel Group, S.A., the result of which was that MINT acquired, through its wholly owned subsidiary MHG Continental Holding (Singapore) Pte. Ltd, shares representing 94.13% of the share capital of NH Hotel Group, S.A.