During 2019, Minor International Public Company Limited (“Minor”), an indirect majority shareholder of NH (94.132%) and represented on the Board by four proprietary Directors, and NH signed a series of Related Party Transactions, which are broken down in the Audit and Control Committee’s Annual Report, as well as in Note 26 of this Report. These Related Party Transactions have always been executed in strict compliance with the rules established in the applicable regulations and the Procedure for Conflicts of Interest and Related Party Transactions with Significant Shareholders, Directors and Senior Management of NH Hotel Group, S.A. approved by the Board of Directors on 26 March 2014. All transactions signed with Minor (and/or its group of companies) have counted on a report from the Audit and Control Committee, have been signed under market conditions and with the participation of external advisors, and in compliance with the provisions in the Framework Agreement signed between the parties on 7 February 2019, which regulates, among others, the scope of action of the respective hotel groups headed by NH and Minor through the identification of preferred geographic areas or zones, the mechanisms necessary to prevent and deal with possible conflicts of interest, as well as to carry out operations with related parties and develop business opportunities. The aforementioned Framework Agreement was duly communicated to the Market via a Relevant Fact and is published in full on the Company’s website.

During all Board Meetings dealing with issues related to Minor, the Proprietary Directors were absent when dealing with said matters and therefore did not participate in the adoption of the corresponding agreement.