The Group divides its activity into the real estate (see Note 11) and hotel segments. Additionally, within the hotel segment, sub-segments are identified by geographic area, which are included in the breakdowns reflected in the consolidated financial statements for information purposes.

The factors taken into account when defining the segments were as follows:

  1. They carry on business activities from which they can earn income from ordinary activities and generate expenses (including income from ordinary activities and expenses for transactions with other components of the Group).
  2. They obtain operating results that are regularly reviewed by the entity’s highest decision-making authority to decide on the resources to be allocated to the segment and to evaluate its performance.
  3. They have different financial information.

The Management Committee is the body responsible for making decisions on the Group’s segments. Accordingly, it analyses the Group’s results, distinguishing between the aforementioned sub-segments.

The breakdown of the segment information required by IFRS 8 is as follows: