Income and expenses are recognised on an accrual basis, i.e. when the control of goods and services they represent has been transferred, irrespective of the moment when the monetary or financial flows deriving from them arise.

More specifically, income is calculated at the fair value of the consideration to be received and represents the amounts to be collected for the goods and services delivered within the ordinary framework of operations, subtracting any discounts and taxes.


Sale of rooms and other related services

Income from the sale of rooms and other related services is recognised daily based on the services provided by each hotel, including customers who are still staying at the hotel at the close of each day.

The consideration received is distributed among the contracted services. These include direct services such as room, food, drink and other consumption, and others related to banquets, events and the rental of spaces.


Provision of services

The Group recognizes the income from its hotel management contracts in the year in which the services are provided, based on the evolution of the variables that determines this income and which are mainly the total income and the gross operating profit of each hotel managed by the Group.