The remuneration of members of the Management Committee during the year, excluding those who simultaneously held office as members of the Board of Directors (whose remuneration has been set out above), is detailed below:

There were six members of Senior Management at 31 December 2021 (six members at 31 December 2020) excluding the CEO and the Chief Operations Officer due to their status as executive directors.

During 2021, as a result of the crisis arising from COVID-19, the members of the Management Committee saw their fixed remuneration crease by 20% from January to June 2021. Furthermore, the variable remuneration accrued in 2021 was 0. This gives rise to a total decrease in their remuneration in 2021 vs their target remuneration of 38%. During 2020 the members of the Management Committee saw their annual remuneration for 2020 decrease by more than 50%.

Remuneration in kind includes the vehicle and the cost of insurance.

The heading “Other” takes the long-term objective remuneration accrued in 2021 into consideration.