The associated companies in the year and the amount recognised on the books (in thousands of euros) are listed below:

The impact recorded on the consolidated comprehensive profit and loss statement for the financial year due to consolidation of these holdings was losses of 1,447 thousand euros (7,468 thousand euros loss in 2020), recorded under the heading “Gain/(Loss) from entities valued using the equity method”. In addition, these holdings increased in 2021 by 596 thousand euros due to the effect of the exchange differences (they decreased by 2,575 thousand euros in 2020).

The Group’s policy on holdings in associated companies consists of ceasing to book losses in these companies if the associated company’s consolidated losses attributable to the Group are equivalent to or exceed the cost of its holding in them, provided there are no additional contingencies or guarantees connected with existing losses.

The balance sheet of these key companies accounted for using the equity method at year-end is as follows (in thousands of euros):