This item in the consolidated comprehensive profit and loss statement is broken down as follows:

The saving recorded in 2021, as a result of the subsidies or allowances received from Governments to offset the restrictive measures taken, was 42,302 thousand euros in wages and salaries and 26,849 thousand euros in social security contributions (36,932 and 15,795 thousand euros in 2020, respectively)..

The average number of people employed by the Parent Company and the companies consolidated through full consolidation in the year broken down by professional category was as follows:

In calculating the average number of employees, the Group has not taken into account employees whose contracts have a duration of less than two days. The decrease in the average number of people employed can be explained by the contingency plans that the Group put in place to alleviate the fall in business due to Covid-19. Mainly these consisted of temporary layoffs, due to force majeure or productive reasons, and voluntary reductions in working days and wages. The collective redundancy process announced in February has been carried out in central services and the business unit in Spain as part of a global plan in compliance with local legislation.

The breakdown of the personnel at 31 December, by sex and professional category, is as follows:

The average number of people with disabilities equivalent to or greater than 33%, directly employed by the Parent Company and fully consolidated companies in Spain in the year, broken down by professional category, is as follows:

The average age of the Group’s workforce was approximately 41.1 and average seniority in the Group was 10.5 years (39.7 years and 9.4 years respectively in 2020).