The amount accrued during the year by the members of the Parent Company’s Board of Directors in relation to the remuneration of the Executive Directors, by law stipulated directors’ fees and attendance fees and other items, is as follows:

At 31 December 2021, the Board of Directors had 9 members, all male (the same data as in 2020).

Due to the situation caused by COVID-19, the members of the Board voluntarily waived 20% of their remuneration from January to April 2021 and 100% of it in May and June 2021(in 2020 the board members voluntarily waived 50% of their retribution since 1 March).

Furthermore, the Executive Directors saw their fixed remuneration decrease by 20% from January to June and their variable remuneration accrued and received for 2021 was 0.

In relation to the heading, “Transactions on shares and/or other financial instruments”, consideration has been given to the objective long-term remuneration accrued. Remuneration in kind (vehicles and health insurance) is included under “Others”.

Further information in the directors’ Annual Remuneration Report.