NH HOTEL GROUP, S.A. (hereinafter the Parent Company) was incorporated as a public limited company in Spain on 23 December 1981 under the trade name “Material para Ferrocarriles y Construcciones, S.A.”, which was subsequently changed to “Material y Construcciones, S.A.” (MACOSA) and later to “Corporación Arco, S.A.”

In 1992, Corporación Arco, S.A. took over Corporación Financiera Reunida, S.A. (COFIR), while at the same time adopting the trade name of the company taken over and amending its corporate purpose to the new activity of the Parent Company, which focused on the management of its shareholding portfolio.

During the 1998 financial year, Corporación Financiera Reunida, S.A. (COFIR) merged with Grupo Catalán, S.L. and its subsidiaries and Gestión NH, S.A. through the absorption of these companies by the former. Subsequently, Corporación Financiera Reunida, S.A. (COFIR) took over NH Hoteles, S.A., adopted its trade name and broadened its corporate purpose to allow for the direct performance of hotel activities, activities in which it had already been engaged indirectly through its subsidiaries.

Information on these mergers can be found in the financial statements of the years in which said transactions took place.

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of 21 June 2014 agreed to change the company’s name from “NH Hoteles, S.A.” to “NH Hotel Group, S.A.”

The Parent Company is the head of a group of subsidiaries engaged in the same activities and that constitute, together with NH Hotel Group, S.A., the NH Hotels Group (hereinafter the “Group” – see Appendices I and II).

At the end of 2018, the Group was operating hotels in 28 countries, with 350 hotels and 54,374 rooms, of which around 69% are located in Spain, Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries.

NH Hotel Group, S.A. has its registered address in Madrid.