NH Hotel Group strives to offer an excellent service and innovative products to its customers by assuring their wellbeing and safety during their stay at the Company’s hotels.


Customer Health and Safety

NH Hotel Group maintains its commitment to guarantee food safety and hygiene at global level, in each of its hotels and restaurants. Thus, the Company ensures that all food preparation procedures and services comply with international regulations on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) for Food&Beverage.

To this end, the Company has formalized an international agreement with an external company (Diversey) specializing in Food Health and Safety, which audits, verifies and assures compliance with these regulations, as well as mandatory legal records, laboratory analysis of food, continuos employee training on food health and safety, specific hygiene manuals for workplaces, etc.

These processes are audited continuously in all NH Hotel Group restaurants and kitchens.

In addition, the following measures are considered in other areas of the hotels to safeguard the health and the safety of customers:


Complaint Systems

The Single Customer Service Centre (CUAT), which covers Customer Care, NH Rewards and VIP Desk, has consolidated its role in 2018, extending its capacity for response and improving the level of service.

In Customer Care, the maximum response time has been reduced in 2018 from 72 to 48 hours in 93% of the communications received. The target that has been set and on which the Company works on a daily basis is to continue reducing response time to a maximum of 24 hours. This reduction, together with direct interaction by hotels, Managers, Guest Relations and Heads of Reception through Quality Focus, has contributed to faster and more efficient solutions. The Company continues this way to place focus on customers and their satisfaction.


Management of complaints received

In 2018, Customer Care handled a total of 11,191 complaints or contacts (whether complaints, requests, suggestions, congratulations….), which represents a reduction of 41% of the contacts handled by this area in 2017.

It should also be noted that in 2018, 41% fewer communications were recorded through Customer Care and 17% fewer complaints.

Complaints are dealt with by sending a letter of apology, a response by the hotel or other department (for example, Legal); and, on occasions, compensation – in the form of a discount voucher, NH Rewards points, free room upgrade, etc.


Accessibility for Disabled

As a result of NH Hotel Group’s commitment to integration and accessibility of its installations for its customers, there are 289 hotels distributed among all the Business Units that have elements adapted to special needs. More sepcifically:

• 250 hotels with disabled-access lifts
• 212 hotels have adapted bathrooms
• There is disabled parking in 207 hotels
• 1,011 rooms adapted for individuals with a physical disability
• 269 hotels have communal areas adapted for individuals with a physical disability
• There are 163 hotels with rooms that have wheelchair access